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Ljubuški, a region rich with water, flora, and fauna, was certainly inhabited in the prehistoric period, testimony of which are the stone, bone, and metal findings, kept in the Museum of the Franciscan monastery Humac, the oldest museum in B&H. In the written sources Ljubuški is mentioned for the first time in 1444 with the name Lubussa.

Ljubuški belongs to the coastal, Mediterranean, and lowland Herzegovina. Besides the well-known Herzegovina karst relief, Ljubuški has several fertile fields: Ljubuško, Veljačko, Vitinsko and Studenačko fields, Jezerac and Rastok, watered by the three-name river Tihaljina - Mlade – Trebižat, with its two pearly waterfalls, Kravica and Koćuša.

Because of a mild climate and soil quality, the Ljubuški municipality is completely suitable for viticulture, with fertile vineyards dominating its landscapes. Besides the vineyards, the area of Ljubuški is also known for its production of other Mediterranean fruits and vegetables.

In this municipality, authentic Herzegovina villages can be found, best representing the way of life in this area. Walking through this region, you will feel the spirit and strength of its inhabitants.

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